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Attention: Tom Ricketts


Here's a quote from today's edition of The Athletic:

“You know what happened to me?” Tom Ricketts told The Score’s morning team of Mike Mulligan and David Haugh on Thursday. “We had the lowest-rated panel last year so the guys cut us. (loud laughter from the hosts) It’s true. I think people would rather watch the mascot play bingo than listen to the owners speak. Like the fact is that we had a low-rated panel, it got kind of dull over the years, because a lot of the questions were the same. And it’s funny to me, I saw a headline, somebody wrote like, ‘Ricketts family cancels popular panel at Cubs Convention’ and the fact is we were the lowest-rated panel. So if people want us to come back next year, fill out the forms, we’d be happy to do it again, but we just thought we were boring people, honestly. (more host laughter) We’re happy to do it again. I like talking to people. I think I’m the most accessible owner in sports. I talk to people all the time. I answer my emails."

I am making a public invitation: please come here to North Side Baseball for questions from a collection of your most hard core fans. Because we would *love* to chat and we have a few questions for you.

If you're up for it, please email me at timdstuart@gmail.com.




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