Make NBA players equity owners?

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Make NBA players equity owners?

Postby WrigleyField 22 » Wed Sep 21, 2022 5:50 pm

Saw this over on RealGM. NBA players union plans to negotiate for equity interests in the next CBA.

Predictably a lot of fans on RealGM are just complaining that the players are paid enough already, but man, I'd love to see it. If there was a sport where the players actually had leverage, it has to be basketball. The athletes have made the NBA.

The article presents it more like a shared union benefit than necessarily an individual player benefit, but I'm sure it could function as somewhat of both, wherein all players get access to the equity benefits, but may do at certain max/min rates where the stars basically subsidize the low end guys, kind of like max/min salaries do today.

And from the ownership standpoint the question is whether such an equity benefit would be shared among owners as well or given more on an individual basis.

The NBA and NBPA have held conductive and serious talks on a new collective bargaining agreement that will contain several new measures.
The two sides will have their next in-person meeting this season, which will serve as a critical session to set the stage ahead of their December opt-out deadline.
One new, major goal for the NBPA is the idea of building lasting equity for its players beyond their playing days.
“Creating generational wealth is critically important in this next chapter of the Union,” Tamika Tremaglio told The Athletic. “It’s critical to their legacy. Historically we have been so focused on making money — salary cap, etc. — but we all know that to have money, you’ve got to invest. We also know that the uncertain lifespan (of an NBA career) makes it crucial to plan for what happens after the ball stops bouncing — creating this generational wealth.
“Thinking about the players’ contributions to the game and how they can be compensated for it will mean there will have to be more equity structures in place. It could be the sale of a team. It could be the deals they are entering where they are receiving equity beyond the four or five years that a contract exists. It’s much broader, and I don’t think historically we’ve looked at it. It’s been the here and now.”
Sources with knowledge of the situation say that the NBPA has brought up the idea of a players-only fund able to be used post-playing career as an opportunity to be part of ownership groups of franchises that are up for sale.
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