Minor League Discussion & Boxes, 8-8-22

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Minor League Discussion & Boxes, 8-8-22

Postby CaliforniaRaisin » Mon Aug 08, 2022 4:13 am

Scheduled Games (All Times Central):

ACL Cubs at ACL Guardians, 8:00 pm
DSL Cubs Blue at DSL Tigers 2, 10:00 am
DSL Cubs Red vs DSL Mets 2, 10:00 am

All full season teams have the day off
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Re: Minor League Discussion & Boxes, 8-8-22

Postby Hrubes20 » Mon Aug 08, 2022 3:54 pm

Is tonight the night we get a 2022 draftee debut in the ACL?
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Re: Minor League Discussion & Boxes, 8-8-22

Postby TomtheBombadil » Mon Aug 08, 2022 5:01 pm

Adan Sanchez is making his 8th start at 3B in the DSL. He’s started at C 25 times, 1B once, and DH 4 times…No HRs and too many GBs but otherwise…Even with Quintero struggling the C depth in the org is riveting (with Contreras)…SP and C are two areas this org can be Dodgers/Rays deep next year if they really want it to be but I already hear the narrator saying they didn’t
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Re: Minor League Discussion & Boxes, 8-8-22

Postby texascub » Tue Aug 09, 2022 1:34 am

Ismael Mena is back in the lineup. Préciado is making a rehab appearance. Paciolla and McGeary are making their pro debuts as well. Fun night for the ACL team.
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