Random ESPN League setting question

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Random ESPN League setting question

Postby WrigleyField 22 » Tue Aug 24, 2021 10:08 pm

So I am joining a new league this year, which is a keeper league where the keeper value is based on the round they were drafted. In my other long term league we do auction/keeper and I'm able to set the auction value ahead of time so the ESPN draft automates all the keepers. Its easy and great.

These guys are saying that there is no way for ESPN to automate keepers by round. So we just have to manually select keepers live during the draft and they run into issues with their draft because people will mess it up and try and select a keeper, causing the draft to be paused and even unwound in some cases.

Is this accurate? ESPN hasn't figured out a Keeper-by-round format for their snake drafts? This is the most inefficient nonsense I've ever heard.
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