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  • Cardinals interested in Logan Gilbert


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    MLBTR is reporting that the Cardinals are pursuing Gilbert, despite being in last place in the National League Central. Really only posting it because he’s a name I was going to throw out as a good candidate to buy low on: good velo (95.6), healthy, added a good splitter this year to round out a good mix, arb eligible after next year with a FA 2028 date…No real indication he’d be available other than mediocre results on a disappointing Mariners team :dontknow:


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    What a weird rumor.

    Why would a team 4 games out of the playoffs trade a nice starting pitcher with 3 more years of team control to a team that’s 11 games out of the playoffs if the team acquiring the pitcher is “uninterested in trading core players?”

    The Cardinals aren’t getting Gilbert for an expiring contract and one of their many redundant mediocre young outfielders. 

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